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If you've been through this site, you'll notice that all of the books are now available on AMAZON. So, if you're interested in promoting the Paint Your Own Guitar Book Series, you'll need to sign up as an AMAZON affiliate/associate.

But, fear not - signing up to be an AMAZON ASSOCIATE just takes a few minutes... and, the best part is, you'll make money on every sale you generate!

To begin, start here - AMAZON ASSOCIATE's SIGN UP

On the right-hand side of the AMAZON ASSOCIATE page, look for the button that says, JOIN NOW FOR FREE! Enter all of the required information, then click SUBMIT.

Once you've been approved, you'll be issued a unique AFFILIATE CODE from AMAZON. This unique string of letters and numbers will go in all of your links.

So, for instance, if you wanted to link to a PYOG book, AMAZON generates the code for you with your unique AFFILIATE CODE in the link.

To get the HTML, simply enter the books ISBN number and click GO. AMAZON will show you the book. From there, click on GET LINK, and AMAZON will generate the HTML code for you! SIMPLE!

Here are the ISBN numbers for each of my books:

Paint Your Own Guitar Book Series HOW TO Create a Factory Guitar Finish, VOL 2
Paint Your Own Guitar Book Series HOW TO Paint Multi-Colored Stripes -
Paint Your Own Guitar Book Series HOW TO Paint & Wire Your Very Own HOT ROD
Paint Your Own Guitar Book Series A Complete Introduction To AIRBRUSHING








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