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Full-Body Decals - Tutorial


Decal1Here is a quick explanation of how the PAINT YOUR OWN Full-Body Decals work.

When you receive your decal, it is not cut out to any shape; it arrives as a rectangle with plenty of additional area. It's up to you to trim the decal once you've applied it to your body. (This is covered in the HOW TO Guide you'll receive).

In the USAF Decal to the right, there is a lot of additional area on this decal so you can move it around, turn it left or right on the body, and place it where YOU want to place it. This is the beauty of these decals - even though two people can buy the same decal, that doesn't mean that their guitars are going to look identical.

When you purchase, I ask for the body shape that the decal is going on. The reason I do this is because some body shapes are so unique that the focal points of the design may not fall in the best areas for that particular body shape. What I'm able to do once I know what shape it's going on is to customize the design so that it does work well on that particular design.

See the four examples below of the exact same decal going on a V, Kramer, ML, and Les Paul. This decal seems to look good on all of the body shapes. That's because I was able to alter the design and put certain elements in certain areas - in case the design is put on a certain body shape. Not all designs are like this, so once I know what body shape a specific design is going on, I move some of the elements of the design around so that it works well on your particular body shape.

Some designs need a little bit of tweaking while some other designs don't need any tweaking at all.

That's a brief explanation of how the decals work.

Once you purchase, the "HOW TO Guide" you'll receive will walk you STEP-BY-STEP through the process of applying the decal, trimming, and blending, so that you get amazing results.

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